There are many designs of friendship bracelets that people wear, each design is unique to the individual so choosing your colours and style of bracelet is important. You will find that there will be a preference to a certain style of bracelet. Bracelet patterns vary from simple (for beginners) to complex (for advance bracelet makers) Below are some simple bracelets for beginners:-

The first two designs (Candy Stripe and Rainbow) uses just ONE of the four knots:

  • The Forward knot.

Candy Stripe

Candy Stripe Bracelet 1

Candy Stripe Bracelet 2


Rainbow Bracelet 1


These designs apply all FOUR of the basic knots:

  • The Forward knot.
  • The Backward knot.
  • The Forward-Backward knot.
  • The Backward-Forward knot.

Chevron Bracelet 1

Chevron Bracelet 2

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