Whilst I am actively working as an OT, I use reflection to reflect on incidents and develop my skills as as therapist on how I can improve my learning experiences and cope with stress.

In practice - I used to reflect daily.
It helped me to be an adult learner, helps to improve self and develop new skills and to critically analyse own performance so I can provide a high quality of care to my patients.

Supervision - I reflect in supervision with my supervisor on a monthly basis.
It can help with clarity, gain an outsiders perspective as well as learn from incidences, developing strengths and coping mechanisms.

Appraisal - Keeping reflections me helps to achieve competencies set out in your Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF).

HPC Audit - As reflection is used for auditing your development it is also used as a CPD activity.

What models of reflection have helped me?

I have used two reflective cycles to help me analyse my performance of my skills as well as learn from positive and negative experiences. The two learning cycles that has helped me were:

Kolbs Reflective Cycle (1984)


Gibbs Reflective Cycle (1988)

Gibbs Doc

The above two learning cycles have enabled me to learn from concrete experiences. Together, they have provided me with tools to reflect effectively and helped me be the practitioner I am today!

I will post some examples of reflection soon.

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