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We at Lisa’s Workshop are passionate about self expression. Making bracelets and other pieces of jewellery for others, gives us a great deal of happiness and joy.

Not only specialises in custom-made jewellery, but also gemstone jewellery using crystals. By making customised jewellery, it gives us the opportunity to be more creative and diverse in the choice of designs people would like to have.

Due to our passionate nature about making jewellery, our primary goal is to ensure that people enjoy our designs because that’s what matters. If people are happy, we are are happy!

We at Lisa’s workshop also write articles on how to make jewellery fun for all such as friendship bracelets. There will be detailed guides with pictures and videos to guide you through each step to bring the fun factor to bracelet making, We give individuals choice.

I also recently started putting our articles on steemit: https://steemit.com/@leese/

If there is something in which an individuals requests, we will do it!

Not only do I make bracelets and write articles on these, I am also a band 6 Occupational Therapist specialising in the Recovery of Mental Health clients. Understandably, I have been there though all three years of my study. It was challenging; balancing everything between working and enjoying student life. However, it is good to remain level headed as things will bog you down and its learning how to find the right balance between uni work and student life.

I have had many experiences both as a student and as a newly qualified (few years experience now). Therefore, I have decided to share my experiences and knowledge with you fellow new OT’s and OT students. I will be writing articles based on personal experiences as well as giving you some know how tips and tricks to help you all cope with the transitions.

Topics I will be exploring include:

  • How to decide if OT is for you!
  • What is Occupational Therapy?
  • Experiences on my three years
  • Placement
  • What would happen if you injured yourself prior to starting placement
  • Reflection - Importance of; and Reflective cycles
  • Groupwork
  • Interview - Tips and Experiences
  • Presentation tips - uni and jobs
  • Dissertation
  • Difference between PDP and CPD portfolios
  • Funding for OT students
  • Books

Online References

Some of my Articles here have been referenced, mostly by blogs, but a few working in Education as students or professors. They have used what I write, which is nice, as I was correctly quoted.

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  • Quotes mostly in comments and context made on reflective practice.

If there is an area you want advice on, which is not covered above, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you or signpost you to the information you need.

Feel free to leave a comment if you would like further advice on any topic you would like advice on.